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This is your MedMetrics® Return-On-Investment calculator to help you forecast your savings in administrative costs when you use MedMetrics® live Workers Compensation medical analytics.

Step 1: Estimate your administrative savings for each of the following:

Administrative Cost/BenefitExplanationEstimated Annual Savings
 fewer Case Management FTE’s Medical Case Managers and claims adjustors focus on claims needing the most attention while MedMetrics® continuously monitors the data to find high risk-high cost claims. $
Send  fewer claims to Utilization Review Why manage best practice providers? You let MedMetrics® manage them with data. MedMetrics® provider ranking tells you which providers you should manage. $
Direct claimants to best practice providers where possible Utilize MedMetrics® zip region look up of best practice providers for treating specific injury types. $
Early case intervention Damage control is easier and more effective when problems and trends are identified early. MedMetrics® sends you electronic alerts of high risk claims. $
 fewer staff to design, develop and implement your quality assurance program MedMetrics® can monitor and document all medical activity, vendors and programs electronically. You need not apply additional QA resources. $
Gain competitive edge With MedMetrics®, you can prove what you are doing for clients $
Increase profitability You can provide Proof of Value. $
Create custom studies Let MedMetrics help you respond to your clients’ information requests promptly. $
User Defined $
User Defined $
User Defined $
  TOTAL SAVINGS—drop immediately to your bottom line. $

Step 2: Subtract the cost of MedMetrics® from your Total Savings*

$ Cost of MedMetrics®

$ your projected ROI

* Hint: The annual cost of MedMetrics® is probably a fraction of the cost of any one of the items listed above.

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