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Provider Performance Analysis
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Identifying quality providers is vital because providers significantly influence costs and determine the outcomes of claims. However, many provider records in systems maintained by payers, networks, and others contain errors, outdated information, or are missing key provider demographic data elements. Imagine the difficulty of evaluating provider performance when the correct provider cannot be identified in the data.

On the other hand, visualize the cost control muscle gained by analyzing quality data to correctly identify best-in-class providers and those who are not!

Medical Provider Performance Evaluation and Ranking

MedMetrics analyzes the data and scores individual, group, and facility provider performance. Providers can be searched online by specialty and geo-zip. Provider performance scores are portrayed on screen and users can drill down to see how the medical provider performed on each of the 50+ indicators of performance.

Alternatively, MedMetrics will send results to an online directory such as VIIAD. MedMetrics also informs its Predictive Intelligence Profiles when low-scoring providers are involved in a claim. Additionally, MedMetrics offers pre-defined queries for further due diligence of provider performance.

Analytics-Informed Medical Management-elegantly simple, yet powerful!

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