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Predictive Intelligence Profiles
A MedMetrics Medical Management Power App!
Based on analysis of the data, MedMetrics creates Predictive Intelligence Profiles by checking the boxes on forms displaying data elements in plain English. The data elements are predictive of complexity and cost when they occur in claims. MedMetrics continuously monitors the data and when the data in a claim matches that in a profile, an Alert is sent to the appropriate person(s).

MedMetrics does the work!

Predictive Intelligence Profiles can be set to alert claims reps of the need to update reserves and/or Nurse Case Managers of medical risk in a claims such as a comorbidity like diabetes. A profile can be set to alert the right person when a prescription for Opioids is repeated so early intervention can be mobilized. The data combinations possible in the profiles are nearly infinite and unlimited profiles can be set. Authorized users can also add to, or edit the profiles any time.

MedMetrics' Predictive Intelligence Profiles and Alerts create efficiency, consistency, and administrative cost savings. They promote early intervention that saves real dollars. Moreover, using Predictive Intelligence Profiles lets users objectively measure cost savings.

Additionally, MedMetrics keeps an Audit Trail of Alerts sent: to whom they were sent, when, and for what reason. The Audit Trail is an easy supervision and accountability tool.

Analytics-Informed Medical Management-elegantly simple, yet powerful!

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