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MedMetrics® is an Internet-based Workers' Compensation medical analytics company. MedMetrics® value proposition is linking analytics to operations via online apps to make them actionable, thereby improving medical quality, claim outcomes, and containing costs. We ensure our customers' business units have the latest information possible for decision support and targeted action.

MedMetrics® imports data from billing, bill review, claims, and pharmacy (PBM) data systems, as well as other relevant sources available. The data is integrated, validated, and stored in each clients' secure sector of MedMetrics® medical data warehouse. MedMetrics® analyzes and monitors the data continuously.

Results of MedMetrics® data analyses are made available to customers in the form of online apps. Password-authorized users run queries of live data and receive alerts of claims containing risk conditions.

Information Security:

Protection of, and respect for customers' trust is critical to our continued success and we understand the sensitive nature of the data. Therefore, data are always handled appropriately and respectfully following HIPPA standards, even though not required for Workers' Compensation.

MedMetrics® maintains appropriate physical, electronic, and administrative security standards and procedures to safeguard customer data. Moreover, MedMetrics® protects the confidentiality of our customers along with their data. Claimant personally identifiable information is not included in the data.

MedMetrics® offers a Security and Service Level Statement. To obtain a copy, please contact us at

Information Disclosure:

Proprietary or identifiable business information obtained during the course of collecting or analyzing data will never be disclosed to any but the MedMetrics® customer that contributed the data. Raw data is never shared or disclosed.

MedMetrics® may combine medical provider performance scores from multiple organizations to gain greater critical mass for analysis. Data from source organizations is never included or revealed.

For more information, please contact MedMetrics® at or call us at 541-797-2200.


MedMetrics® is not responsible for the manner in which the results of MedMetrics® data analysis are used. Customers agree to indemnify and protect MedMetrics® from any action they or their associates, partners, customers or others may take based on MedMetrics® results.

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